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Preclinical safety of a Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel:Vaginal irritation and delayed hypersensivility tests. PHYSOPATHOLOGIE. COMPOSITION. PREUVES CLINIQUES. PUBLICATIONS.

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Take care of your interior health! The balance of your vaginal flora is delicate. Daily intimate hygiene contributes to maintaining it but sometimes inbalances can occur. In this event, only the use of adapted gynecological treatment can rebalance this delicate area.. In the case of occasional dryness, the vaginal gels from Replens or Mucogyne, for example, hydrate vaginal mucous membranes ...Papilocare. Resultados sobre HPV. Altos riesgos presentados en las Vegas (ASCCP 2018) 1. Dr Luis Serrano AVANCES SOBRE SU RELEVANCIA CLÍNICA EN EL MANEJO DE LSIL/ASCUS EN MUJERES CON HPV-AR GEL BASADO EN EL CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR. 2. Dr Luis Serrano He colaborado remuneradamente con Procare en la investigación de Papilocare y en la difusion de ...

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Objective: To evaluate the effect of the Papilocare®, a Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel, on the repairing of low-degree HPV-dependent cervical lesions in women older than 40 years. Methods: Paloma clinical trial ( NCT04002154) was a multicenter, randomized, open-label, parallel-group, usual practice-controlled clinical ...Buy everthing for Cream | Gel | Ointment - Licensed pharmacy Free delivery from €39 Delivery within 24h Competitive prices. Optiphar uses cookies and similar techniques to provide a better and more personal service to its customers. With these cookies, Optiphar and third partners track your internet use on our website.

Pharma and healthcare marketing strategies and insights - short cuts to articles and case studies on marketing and advertising pharmaceutical and healthcare products and servicesCondition is New. Papilocare vaginal gel (HPV-induced lesions) -. Papilocare vaginal gel. Vaginal gel which properties help to form a defensive barrier in the area of cervico-vaginal transformation to prevent the risk of integration of HPV.